Ladies' 1XI Match Reports


Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 3-3 Blackheath Ladies' 2XI

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI played away at Blackheath Ladies' 2XI this weekend in a clash to find top spot in the table.  The first half saw Court struggle to put their stamp on the game and Blackheath seemed to have the advantage scoring two goals in quick succession.  Court were always in the game and at 2-1 at half time, after a goal from Donna Hearn, it was close.  Court came out all guns blazing in the second half and two great goals from Leisa Randall and Isobel Wanstall saw them take the lead.  Blackheath won several short corners and fought back. The final score 3-3 which means Court stay two points clear at the top of the league with a good result away from home. 

Old Bordenians Ladies' 1XI 1-4 Gore Court Ladies' 1XI

Gore Court Ladies 1XI played away against Old Bordenians in the local derby. Gaby Ollerenshaw scored the opening goal which gave Gore Court an early lead.  Old Bordenians came back fighting and equalised with Gore Court which meant going into half time one-a-piece. Gore Court tactically changed their formation allowing Leisa Randall to score two goals to extend their lead. Gore Court continued to dominate with a final goal from Tanya Williams which was set up by Isobel Wanstall. Gore Court Ladies 1XI remain at the top of the Kent Premier Division taking on Maidstone 2XI at home this Saturday. 

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 8-0 Cliftonville Ladies' 1XI


Gore Court Ladies' 1XI played at home against Cliftonville Ladies' 1XI this Saturday and continued their excellent start with an 8-0 win to make it three wins from three.  Court were dominant throughout the game with a strong defence keeping Cliftonville out of the D and some fantastic goal scoring with a hat trick from new player Leisa Randall.  Two from Tanya Williams and one a piece for Jess Buck, Isobel Wanstall and Gaby Ollerenshaw made sure there was no chance of Cliftonville getting back into the game.  Court remain top of the league and face Old Bordenians away next week in the local derby.


Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 2-1 Old Bordenians 1XI

Gore Court Ladies 1XI played Old Bordenians 1XI on Saturday. With Court having won the first encounter of the season the Bordenians were looking for pay back. Court's dominance shone through and they took control of the game scoring one in the first half. They quickly got the upper hand with a second not long after half time. Bordenians were not ready to give up and with five minutes to go they scored from their first short corner of the game. Court now looked under pressure with OBs pushing for a second but GC held out and secured the three points.

Edenbridge Ladies' 1XI 0-4 Gore Court Ladies' 1XI

On Sunday they travelled away to Edenbridge Ladies' 1XI for a Kent Plate game. Despite the difficult weather conditions Court showed that they could maintain Saturday's standards and with a clean sheet won 4-0.

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 6-1 Maidstone Ladies' 2XI

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI achieved a double win this weekend. On Saturday they faced Maidstone Ladies' 2XI in the Kent Premier Division which they won a convincing 6-1 with goals coming thick and fast. 

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 3-0 Old Williamsonian's 1XI


Gore Court Ladies' 1XI continued on their winning streak this weekend.  A strong first half saw Rachael Lukehurst score the first goal from a short corner.  Court continued with strong pressure and Gaby Ollerenshaw executed a great strike to make it 2-0.  A third in the second half from Tanya Williams gave three convincing points to Gore Court.

Old Bordenians Ladies' 1XI 1-2 Gore Court Ladies' 1XI


This local derby was always going to be a high spirited game. The Old Bordenians started strongly and put Gore Court on the back foot scoring from a short corner in the first five minutes. Gore Court soon stepped it up a gear and started to dominate. Scrappy tackling from the Bordenians led to numerous short corners for Court and Gabby Garton finally converted one to make it equal before half time. The two sides were more evenly matched in the second half but Court kept their heads and worked the ball up the field to pressurise Bordenians goal. With five minutes to go Hayley Surridge scored the winning goal from a great short corner strike. The game finished with the score 2-1 with the three points going to Gore Court.

Gore Court Ladies' 1XI 1-0 Blackheath and Eltham Ladies’ 2XI


Gore Court Ladies' 1XI faced Blackheath 2XI this weekend. Both sides were keen to win but Gore Court seemed to have the upper hand. Numerous short corners in the first half and great pressure unfortunately led to no goals. In the second half Gore Court continued with sustained pressure, Blackheath had limited opportunities but looked dangerous on the break. But Gore Court’s dogged attacking and working together as a team meant with three minutes to go Gaby Garton scored the winner. Final score 1-0 to the Court. Old Bordenians local derby next week.


Southend & Benfleet Ladies' 1XI 4-0 Gore Court Ladies 1XI

Gore Court travelled away to play at Southend & Benfleet this weekend. After a strong start and a number of chances Southend scored against the run of play. Heads went down and Court lost their shape allowing Southend to get another.


Court continued to press but this meant leaving the defence exposed and Southend scored another two in the second half. Court never gave up and continued to apply pressure but just couldn't score that much needed breakthrough goal. 

Havering Ladies 1XI 2-4 Gore Court Ladies 1XI


Gore Court travelled to Havering this week in a bid to kick start their season after a loss last week. Gore Court were first off the mark with a goal from Gabby Garton. Havering were quick to respond and within 10 minutes Havering were up 2-1. Gore Court however soon settled and equalised with a penalty flick and before the end of the first half made it 3-2 with a great solo effort from Jenny Francis. The second half proved quite a battle with some staunch defending by Court. Havering failed to convert numerous short corners and in the final minutes Court made it 4-2 to settle the nerves and secure their first 3 points.


Old Bordenians Ladies 1XI 0-1 Gore Court Ladies 1XI


Gore Court ladies 1XI secured another win against local rivals Old Bordenians Ladies' 1XI. Court looked the stronger side from the start with a lot of possession and secured several short corners but failed to convert them. Old Boys fought and narrowly missed a short corner opportunity of their own. Court came back hard and finally secured a goal by a brilliant strike from Rachael Lukehurst. After a well fought game Court remain undefeated and stay joint top of the league.